Regional Minutes from the Board meetings and other important documents:



RM Regional Minutes_Sept 28 2013

RM Regional Minutes_March 2014 FINAL

RM Regional Minutes_Sep 20-2014 

RM Regional Minutes_Mar 21-2015 – FINAL

Minutes BOARD MEETING Sep 26-2015

RM Regional minutes_2016-march-12

Minutes from the September 2016 will be posted after they are approved by the regional board

We know there are all levels of members that visit this site. For the casual visitor there will be documents that show bylaws and regional and chapter structures. For the board member or chapter officers we also offer regional board minutes, RTP manuals, regional award history, and various other reports.

Leading up to our regional board meetings, I will post an “action items” recap for all those members that might have forgotten what they promised to do at the last regional meeting. As they are completed, I can cross them off the list to give us all visual confirmations to keep completing tasks. Sometimes tasks never get completed, perhaps because they get forgotten. Here’s some help……

ACTION ITEMS RECAP From September 2016 Board meeting:

  1. Chapter Presidents – Quarterly reports need to be filed no later than the 8th of the month they are due (January, April, July, and October).
  2. Chapter Presidents –will send out an email asking for volunteers to fill the Diversity, Membership and Regional Representative Chairs.
  3. Debbie McGinnis (Assistant Regional Manager) – Help new Rocky Mountain President Rita Flowers-Martin submit a chapter report.
  4. Janet Price (Secretary)Will get the minutes out to everyone by an October 1st deadline.
  5. Mary Hammack (Treasurer) – Mary will report back before the next meeting with one set of approved Bylaws. Mary will contact Peggy and get the latest treasurer’s report to include the 2016 RTP expenses. Mary will also incorporate the FY2017 proposed budget changes and send to the regional board.

    Minutes from the September 2016 will be posted after they are approved by the regional board

    Chapter documents 










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